A handyman secured with rope works on repairing a roof

Roof & Leak Repair

I specialize in residential and commercial roof repair.

If there is a leak I will investigate, find the cause, and repair it.

I guarantee my work. I service Milwaukee and its surrounding communities.

Handyman repairs chimney

Chimney Repair & Chimney Removal

Chimneys frequently contribute to leaks. My approach involves repairing or replacing faulty flashings, tuckpointing damaged mortar joints, and addressing issues with concrete chimney caps and upper flues to effectively halt leaks.

Sometimes the brick and mortar are so deteriorated the chimney has to be rebuilt. Since this is expensive, I offer a cheaper option. I can completely remove the chimney, install matching shingles, and completely eliminate any potential future chimney leaks.

A person measures a piece of wood in a workshop

Finish and Rough Carpentry

Hidden leaks can remain unnoticed for years, resulting in decay in roof decking and rafters. I address this by repairing or replacing damaged roof decking, rafters, soffit, fascia, and trim, offering both finish and rough carpentry services.

Two construction workers hold drywall during repairs

Drywall/Plaster Repair

I excel in drywall and plaster repair, ensuring top-notch results. Whether it’s water damage or general wear, count on me for meticulous and high-quality repairs.

A gutter on the side of a suburban home

Gutter Siding and Aluminum Trim Repair

I repair damaged gutters. If your gutter is leaking I will seal it and re-pitch it.

I also repair any damage to siding and aluminum trim.

A man wearing a bee suit holds a colony

Honeybee removal

With decades of experience as a beekeeper, I specialize in safely collecting honeybees and relocating them without harming the hive. In cases where honeybees have nested in your soffit or wall cavity, I expertly dismantle the affected area, remove the hive and ensure proper repairs are made. Unlike most beekeepers, I possess the skills needed to handle these situations with precision and care to remove them and also repair the wall at the same time.