Roof and Chimney Leak Repair

Specialized roof and chimney leak investigation

High Quality, Guaranteed

Bringing decades of experience and quality

Specialized Experience

Handling both roof installation and leak investigation

Proven Expertise in Leak Detection and Repair

Repair Specialist INC. is one of the few roofing companies in the Milwaukee area that specializes in leak investigation, roof and chimney repair. When I repair a roof or chimney, I guarantee it not to leak. I repair shingle roofs, flat roofs, chimneys, ventilation issues, gutters, flashings and much more. I service Milwaukee and its surrounding communities.

A handyman and his partner stand on a roof and use hammers to do their jobs.
A handyman on top of a roof uses yellow measuring tape to measure the size of the roof

Reliable Solutions for Lasting Peace of Mind

Repair Specialist INC. has been serving clients since 2000 and joined the Better Business Bureau in 2003, earning a reliable A+ rating to date.

Professional Solutions for Seamless Repairs

While skilled in proper roof material installation, many roofers lack experience in pinpointing the elusive source of leaks, often leaving them undiscovered and potentially causing avoidable damage over time.

Equipped with specialized training and years of hands-on experience, I’ve dedicated myself to investigating, locating, and repairing leaks. With my expertise, I swiftly identify the root cause of your leaks and execute precise repairs.

As a licensed and fully insured contractor, I’m here when you and your roof need to count on me the most.

A man wearing a blue helmet stands on a roof while repairing a chimney