Making sure your roof is properly maintained is an important component of being a homeowner, which is why it’s important to know what to look out for when choosing a roofing contractor.

While there are many honest and highly skilled repair professionals, the industry is not without its share of issues. Learn how to identify common issues and red flags in the industry, as well as the proper steps to follow to ensure you find a contractor who will provide quality services.

Common Issues in the Roofing Repair Industry

Of course, problems in roofing may vary based on individual circumstances and situations. However, common issues include:

Faulty Installation

One of the most frequent problems homeowners face is roof leaks, often caused by faulty installation. Some contractors may cut corners by using cheap materials or not following proper installation procedures. Roofing, particularly shingle installation, may seem straightforward, but it is a meticulous process requiring patience and attention to detail. When not executed correctly, it can lead to leaks and reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Unqualified Contractors

Another prevalent issue is contractors who claim to be skilled roofers but lack the necessary expertise. Depending on their level of experience, a roofer may not know the correct methods for installing shingles, leading to problems down the line. This is why it’s always important to look into your contractor’s credentials, including licensing, qualifications, online reviews and years of experience.

Misleading Manufacturer Warranties

Sometimes, the dishonesty comes not from the contractors but from the manufacturers. There have been instances where roofing materials were defective, with materials such as shingles disintegrating after only seven years due to a manufacturing error. 

Furthermore, sometimes manufacturers make it difficult for homeowners to claim their warranties. They may face extensive paperwork and minimal compensation, far less than what would be needed to pay for a new roof.

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How To Recognize The Red Flags In Roofing Contractors

Knowing how to recognize the red flags in roofing contractors isn’t always easy. Here is our advice for what to look out for.

Overly Aggressive Sales Tactics

Beware of roofers who aggressively push you to replace your roof prematurely. A typical asphalt shingle roof is designed to last around 30 years. Yet, some contractors may try to convince you to replace it after only 15 or 20 years, often due to minor damage that could be easily repaired.

When unsure about whether your roof needs more or less extensive repair, it is always best to get a second opinion or conduct some independent research.

Inability to Diagnose Problems

A common issue to look out for is when a roofer is unable to identify the source of a leak. The roofer may be able to temporarily repair the damage, but without identifying the source the issue is likely to reoccur. 

When the leak persists, the homeowner may end up calling another professional to fix the problem correctly. This is often a sign that the roofer was out of their depth, not necessarily dishonest, but lacking the necessary expertise to address the issue.

How to Choose the Right Repair Specialist

When trying to determine how to find a trustworthy and reliable roofing specialist, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success.

Do Your Research

Start by researching potential contractors. Look for reviews and testimonials online, and check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Reliable contractors will have a solid reputation and positive feedback from previous clients.

Get Multiple Quotes

Obtain quotes from several contractors before making a decision. Be wary of significantly lower bids, which can be a sign of cost-cutting on materials or labor. A detailed quote should include the cost of materials, labor, and any other expenses.

Ask About Warranties

Learn more about the warranties offered for both the materials and the labor. A trustworthy contractor should be transparent about the terms and conditions of any warranties and should be willing to stand behind their work.

Inspect Their Work

If possible, inspect some of their previous work or ask for a portfolio. Seeing their work firsthand can give you a sense of their quality and attention to detail.

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Don’t Wait! Contact Repair Specialist Inc. Today

Choosing the right roofing contractor can be challenging, but it is certainly possible. By being aware of the common issues and red flags in the roofing industry, you can make an informed decision and avoid falling victim to dishonesty. Remember, a reliable contractor will have a solid track record and a transparent approach to their work. Taking the time to research and verify your contractor will pay off in the long run, ensuring your roof remains in good condition for many years to come.

Repair Specialist Inc. provides specialized roof and leak repair services to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. With over 20 years of experience, we are equipped to effectively deal with all kinds of leaky roofs, whether they be caused by old shingles, damaged chimneys, or clogged gutters. 

To learn more about our services and expertise, visit our services page. To get in touch with us about your roof leak concerns, please call 414-322-8745 or fill out this Contact Us form.

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